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"To Whom it may concern: I am founder of Fidos the original dog bakery deli in Chicago. I have been in business for over 25 years and I love dogs-and would never take chances in my own business. I have found Kiss My K9 and the owner Antonia Robbins to be one of the most caring people I know. Her service is wonderful, always there-staff caring and kind. I would not trust Fido with just anybody. he enjoys his walks and is so happy to go. I highly recommend the staff and Antonia at Kiss My K9. Thank you for your time."

Gloria P. Lissner
President, Fido Food Fair Chicago

“For the past two months my wife and I have used Kiss My K9 to walk our Labrador Gypsy, during the workday and while we are on vacation. Our dog is so much happier now that she is going out for a walk during the day. She gets the exercise a pet needs. It is definitely a help to us that Antonia is so flexible and willing to work with us. She has proven to be responsible and we do not worry while we are away. Recently, Antonia came in daily to care for Gypsy while we were out of town. We are pleased that our dog can stay at home where she is comfortable rather then being kenneled.”

Duane and Angie, North Chicago

“Antonia’s service was a lifesaver! My husband and I are very busy and both of us travel. Before I found Antonia I was boarding my dog Romeo in a kennel. He wouldn’t eat and I would spend my trips worrying about him. Now I call Antonia, even last minute. She and Romeo get along very well and the changes in Romeo are amazing. She even helped find Romeo a food for his digestive problems. Thank you Kiss My K9.”

Maiya and Ben, North Chicago

“To Whom It May Concern: I have had a couple of opportunities to use the services of Kiss My K9 while I was out of town, and it is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation. I have used other pet sitting services as kennels are not an option for my beloved pets, and Kiss My K9 is by far the best service that I have used. Antonia is organized, efficient and goes above and beyond the call of duty; but most of all she has a gift with animals. I have a 14 year old black lab, an 8 year old cat, three tropical fish and 2 crabs. We’ve come home from being away to find our “girls content” and our house in complete order. We will be using Kiss My K9 for all of our pets needs in the future!"

Judy, Evanston

“Antonia has proven to be a godsend! Both of our dogs were immediately relaxed and confident with her at the time of first introduction. We were extremely impressed with Antonia’s professionalism, organization and genuine care for the dogs. Since hiring Kiss My K9 and Antonia our dogs have been happier, healthier and more beautiful (she brushes their teeth and grooms them during each visit)! Also, the separation anxiety both dogs were exhibiting during the transition into our new home was completely eliminated thanks to Antonia’s suggestions. From two dog owners who are extremely attached to our dogs we can honestly say that we have no worries while they are in Antonia’s care. We feel very fortunate to have found such a dependable, caring and compassionate person. So do the pups!”

Joey and Thom, North Chicago

"To whom it may Concern: This letter serves as a recommendation for Kiss My K9. I have employed Kiss My K9 to walk my dog daily since the end of November and it has been a wonderful experience. The dog sitters, especially Antonia are truly concerned for the well being of your pet. They show genuine affection and interest. Kiss My K9 caters to the needs of your pet and is very flexible when schedules need to be rearranged to suit your needs. The dog sitter leaves daily comment cards explaining what they did with your dog and notes anything of interest or concern that you should be aware of. They also assist with nutritional advice based on their extensive research and experience with other pets. In addition they perform daily grooming of your dog. Kiss My K9 dog sitters ensure that your pet is fed and that the water dish is clean and full. They will also pick up dog food for you at no extra charge. Antonia has even taken pictures of my dog at the park and left them with me. It is easier to tell that my dog is much happier now that Antonia comes during the day to spend time with him."

Gillian, Evanston

"I’d like to recommend to you Kiss My K9 and the services Antonia and her staff provide. I hired Kiss My K9 earlier this year to walk Duke and my expectations have been blown away. On several occasions Antonia has been proactive in making suggestions on how to make Duke feel safer and more comfortable during the day, especially when we started leaving him by himself for the entire day. In addition Kiss My K9 has been available to walk Duke multiple times on days when I am late getting home, which has been a huge help. Overall I have found Kiss My K9 to be completely professional, prompt in returning phone calls, but most importantly interested in the health and happiness of Duke."

Dan F. North Chicago

"My husband moved from the city to Wilmette about 6 months ago. Since we both work downtown we needed to find a dog walking service for our yellow lab puppy Jebbie. Kiss My K9 was a perfect fit from the start! We found several services listed in the phone book. After dialing Kiss My K9 I knew right away that there was something special about this company. They were professional, reliable and competitively priced. In addition, they had a true love for dogs. Jebbie was able to meet his walker directly before we signed up for the service. We filled out a profile to help them understand Jebbies needs. Now, everyday Jebbie gets a visit from his special buddies at Kiss My K9. They not only take him on a long walk but they spend extra time and play which he loves. They also groom him and brush his teeth everyday. When we come home we can tell Jebbie is loved. The little things also add up. One day we came home to magnetic pictures of Jeb on our fridge. There is always cleaned doggie bowls and a card with a special note on what they did while we were out. They also work with him to reinforce his behavior and are available to do last minute night visits if we need to stay at work longer then expected. Kiss My K9 is a great company and we highly recommend making it your new dogs special buddy too."

Alyssa and Steve Sinclair, Wilmette, Illinois

"To prospective Kiss My K9 clients: Antonia has been caring for Ginger on occasion for the past eight months. Though our dog is hesitant and sometimes even aggressive towards strangers, she accepted Antonia right away thanks to Antonia's caring and insightful manner. It is great to know that Ginger is well cared for and that our home is in great shape when we return. Having a clean kitchen-right down to Gingers food bowl- is always a welcome sight."

Becky Kimball, Evanston, Illinois

"To whom it may concern: We have been using Kiss My K9 for the past 10 months. Our black lab Summit is our baby. We require the best for his care! Antonia and her walkers have provided Summit with his midday walking. When we return from work, we find a note from our walking detailing how Summit's day has gone. In addition his water bowl is always filled with fresh water. He smells clean due to his grooming, his teeth are pearly white from his regular brushings. We value these extras that Kiss My K9 provide. We would highly endorse Kiss My K9's care for your pet. Antonia and her staff are professional animal lovers and Summit truely benefits from them."

George and Sarah Pavlick, Evanston, Illinois/i>

"Dear Antonia, We wanted to write a glowing recommendation to all of your prospective clients. We have been so pleased with your care of Molly that we’d confidently recommend your services to any pet owner. Our shih-tzu Molly is a very important part of our lives and we were extremely nervous leaving her when we’d had her only a few weeks. Meeting you put all of our fears to rest, and we saw how Molly loved you from the minute you’d walked in the door. All of our neighbors commented on how Happy Molly was walking with you, and how you treated her as your own puppy. We have been so glad that we could count on you ever since. With our frequent and often last minute travel plans, we’ve been able to call both months ahead and at a moments notice and know that Molly is in the best care possible. We’d feel terrible leaving her in a kennel but your care ensures that she’s in her natural environment AND getting lots of exercise (3 times a day). So many people in our neighborhood have stopped to ask us for your number, something that makes us feel extraordinarily confident about the quality of your care; they’ve been so impressed by how you’ve cared for Molly they want you to care for their pets. Thanks again for all you do."

Beth, Eric & Molly, Evanston

"To whom it may Concern: We finally solved the problem of finding dependable loving care for our dogs Lyle, (a fox terrier) and Lilli (a welsh corgi.) Having employed more dog walking, sitting, and boarding services over the past ten years then you could believe we finally discovered the answer to our prayers in Antonia Robbins and Kiss My K9. With her expansive knowledge of dogs and their care, her loving and concerned, but informed methods, her reliability, her flexibility, and her all around terrific personality. Antonia has transformed our dog’s lives. Everyday Lyle and Lilli (and especially we) are certain of consistent and loving care, with a flexibility that fits our busy and often changing schedules. Not to mention the other services she provides such as grooming, teeth brushing and food purchase at no extra charge. And at a cost lower then most other services we’ve used. Antonia is a godsend. Lyle and Lilli adore her. Sometimes we wonder if they look more forward to seeing Antonia or us at the end of a day. We couldn’t be more thankful for her services. She is the best pet care service we’ve ever come across. We couldn’t recommend Antonia Robbins and Kiss My K9 more highly."

John and Paul, North Chicago

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