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Dog Walking
A Kiss My K9 pet sitter will come to your home and take your pet for a 25 minute midday walk. Included in the midday visit is grooming and teeth brushing. You can have the piece of mind knowing your pet is getting out while your at work, and if you're running late you won't have to rush home because Fido needs to go out.

Price: $12.00 per visit (1 dog)

Vacation Care
Are you going out of town but don't want to board your pet in a kennel? Kennels can expose your pet to diseases and parasites, not to mention the unnecessary emotional stress it causes your pet.

When a pet is separated from his/her familiar environment he/she could react in a number of negative ways:
  • He can stop eating, become depressed and chew on his tail or paws
  • Become excited and develop hyperactivity such as pacing or excessive barking
  • He could become aggressive toward other dogs or the kennel staff
You can prevent these things by employing Kiss My K9 to care for your home and pets while you're away. An experienced and loving pet sitter will make scheduled daily visits to exercise and play with your pet. We also provide your home with a 'lived in look' by bringing in your mail and adjusting your lights for added security. We will take our your trash and recycling, sweep and vacuum up shedding pet hairs. You can relax and enjoy your trip GUILT FREE knowing your home and pet are safe.

Each visit includes a 30 minute walk, brushing and deodorizing. We will feed your pet, give him/her fresh cold water and administer any needed medications. You can decide how many visits your pet needs a day based on your pet's specific needs. We also offer overnight sitters on request.

Price: $15.00 per visit (2 pets included, each additional pet $2.00)

Overnight Stays
Overnight Stays are available. A loving and responsible Kiss My K9 pet sitter will stay the evenings in your home. Your pet will receive unlimited amounts of love and attention. They can go for as many walks as they like, to the park or their favorite spot by the lake. Your personal pet sitter will collect your mail, feed your fish, water your plants and do light chores if requested such as taking out your trash and recycling. We will provide your home with extra security by keeping it lived in while you are away. You can feel safe knowing your pet is not alone and your home is being taken great care of.

Price: $65.00 - 24 hours (up to three pets)

Puppy Training Classes
Kiss My K9 offers puppy classes starting in September. The class is taught by Lee Rigby. [insert biography about him here]. Call Kiss My K9 for class schedule

Class dates are Sunday 9/14 at 5:00pm and Monday 9/15 beginning at 6:00pm. The classes are once a week for an 8 week session for puppies 7 weeks to 6 months old. Registration has begun, so please register now since space is limited. Any additional training requests can be answered at:

Pooch Park or Dog Field trips
Kiss My K9 is pleased to offer Pooch Park and dog beach field trips. Each visit includes transportation to either Pooch Park or dog beach and one full hour of exercise, agility, socialization and just plain fun! We do not "pack walk" so your pet will receive our undivided attention and care.

We will brush and deodorize your dog before bringing them home so all the clean up is in our hands, not yours

*In order to use this service, your dogs must be current on all vaccinations and have a city license and pass attached to their collar.

Price: $25.00 per 60 minute visit

Nail Trimming and Teeth Care
Kiss My K9 does nail trimming for an extra charge of $10.00 upon request.

Price: $10.00

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